Assassin’s Creed is worth ten million dollars?

According to, Ubisoft is suing PC games manufacturer Optical Experts Manufacturing for over ten million dollars. The claim is that an employee took an early version of Assassin’s Creed home and uploaded it onto the Internet causing over 700,000 people to pirate and mutually dislike the PC version of the game. Furthermore, Ubisoft is claiming that a fatal bug put into the game on purpose was a part of the production and pirated content of Creed, thereby lowering review scores and customer satisfaction.

The “bug” was a piece of malicious code that could crash the game halfway through. Ubisoft did not comment if the bug they put into the game additionally caused every mission to be the same or every civilian to have the same comment to Altair’s acrobatics. It has also not been confirmed if the push-happy retards scattered throughout the back end of the game was a result of the malicious code either.

On a personal level, I think suing for a leak of the game is perfectly fine. Although, adding in the “irreparable harm” due to the game’s bug seems to be overboard. I would have been more than accepting if my copy of Assassin’s Creed stopped working. It would have saved me from several hours of jumping into haystacks and other repetitive elements. The reason the game got poor marks was because it wasn’t that great of a game, Ubisoft.

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