Assassin’s Creed comic scans hit net, spoil first 30 seconds of the game

To date, Ubisoft have tried hard to keep the mystery of Assassin’s Creed‘s secrets under wraps. In our demo/chat with Ubisoft’s Jade Raymond last month, she was tight-lipped about specifics (although she slipped up once or twice), but also mentioned that all would be revealed almost as soon as you started playing the game. 

So maybe it’s not the end of the world that scans of an Assassin’s Creed comic book have wound up online, and that they reveal a bit about the game’s plot than Ubisof had wanted us to know. OK, here it is — Altair’s a chick. I kid!

Dtoid community superstar Professor Pew has posted the scans to the comic in his comunity blog; so if you’re not sensitive to this kind of thing, or curiosity is getting the best of you, you might want to head over there. But a word of warning: Pew’s blog entry, the images contained within it, and the comments of this post MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS

You have been warned, so no whining, please.

[Source: Max Console, Via Professor Pew’s blog]

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