Assassin’s Creed bundle goes America all over everybody’s ass

AC III, IV, and Liberation HD

As if Ubisoft weren’t unleashing enough Assassin’s Creed on the world this fall with Unity and Rogue slated for November, it has one more trick up its sleeve to rope in some players with less familiarity of the franchise. In October, Assassin’s Creed The Americas Collection will release on legacy consoles, containing Assassin’s Creed III, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, and this year’s port of Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD.

This bundle, which chronicles the entirety of the franchise’s foray into New World/American settings, undoubtedly serves as a way to introduce players to Assassin’s Creed Rogue, which is said to take place between Assassin’s Creed III and IV, and also is only available on legacy consoles. This package will release on October 3 in Europe and October 28 in North America. Ubisoft has not yet said what this bundle will be priced at.

Brett Makedonski
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