Assassin’s Creed 2 pre-order DLC not exclusive

The bonus retailer content for Assassin’s Creed II isn’t an exclusive-exclusive intended solely for those who pre-order the game. According to AC II creative producer Patrice Desilets, the two bits of DLC — the Palazzo Medici and Santa Maria Dei Frari — will, at some point, become available for all to enjoy.

“Eventually everyone will have the entire game,” Desilets told Kotaku in a recent interview. “I made sure of that. Because I’m Canadian, I don’t have the same shops as you do. So I wanted to make sure I could at least someday play everything in the game. Eventually there’s going to be, okay, let’s unlock everything.”

As Kotaku notes, Desilets didn’t mention price or how and when the content will be released. For an unrelated title, Batman: Arkham Asylum, the pre-order bonus DLC hit PSN within a few weeks of its release date. This is a bad barometer, but it’s worth noting that these things can happen relatively fast, especially if fans eat their vitamans and pray to the videogame almighty dragon gods regularly.

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