Ashly Burch, Toby Fox and Mike Z join the Profound Waste of Time team

Adventure Time, Skullgirls and Undertale talent join an all star cast

[Undertale art by Gigi D.G.]

A Profound Waste of Time is fully funded, with less than 48 hours left on Kickstarter, but instead of announcing stretch goals, campaign runner and long time Dtoid community member Caz has elected to add all new writers to the magazine free of charge! First up is Toby Fox, who will be collaborating with EarthBound Localization Director Marcus Lindblom in some mysterious capacity. The notoriously enigmatic Undertale creator is a rare sight indeed. No one knows what he’ll come up with, especially Toby! 

Next is Mike Zaimont (AKA Mike Z) designer at Lab Zero (Skullgirls, Indivisible) and legendary Super Metroid exploit hunter. If he applies the same meticulous care to his prose that he exercises in analyzing and crafting games with amazing underlying mechanics and systems, then we’re sure to have a barn burner on our hands. 

Last but not least is the one and only Ashly Burch. Ash got her start here on Destructoid writing and starring in Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin’, before going on to lend her voice to Borderlands 2, Attack on Titan, Life is StrangeAdventure Time, and many other things. She’s also a writer on Adventure Time, in both TV and comic book form. Seeing her name alongside Toby, Mike, and all previously reported A Profound Waste of Time contributors feels awfully great, but they make a tough act to follow should Caz and his team ever get together for a second issue. 

Jonathan Holmes
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