Ashlotte joins Soul Calibur IV, doesn’t have back problems

Say hello to Ashlotte Meideru, Soul Calibur IV’s newest fighter. Ashlotte is a brand new character that was designed by Ito Ōgure, more commonly known by his pen name as Oh! Great. Not much is known at this point other than that she’s very pale and her axe/spear combo weapon looks badass. Ashlotte is also the fourth bonus fighter who was created by a guest anime artist for the game.

So far, out of all the new fighters introduced to Soul Calibur IV, Ashlotte is my favorite looking one. I adore the outfit and actually love the fact that her breasts aren’t bigger than her head. No, hear me out here. See, if her breasts were huge and bouncing around all over the place, I’d get too distracted. Now, I can actually play as a female character and not worry about my other “joystick” in the process.

[Picture via 13thDragon’s C-Blog and Ashlotte details via Japanator

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