Ashley Davis is in the Mega Man Tribute art book!

The Mega Man Tribute art book, if you remember, is a compilation of user-submitted pieces that will be unveiled at the San Diego Comic-Con and then sold shortly thereafter. UDON has just released the list of contributing artists, ranging from big names like Hitoshi Ariga to heartfelt fans like… Ashley Davis!!!

You thought we’ve forgotten about her, huh? Nuh-uh! We love Blavis! I’m even a member of her fan club! I’ve got badges and everything!

The image in the header is obviously not the piece she submitted (it’s from her marvelous Mega Man episode of Once Upon a Pixel), and we’ll most likely have to sit tight until Comic-Con to see what she and the other contributors made. In the meantime, check out some samples in the gallery, then go pre-order the $80 limited-print hardcover edition on Udon’s page… or wait for the cheaper softcover edition, you misers.

Also, I also ought to ask if any Dtoid readers have art included in this book as well. I heard that Dale North will treat you to a steak dinner!


Tony Ponce