As Nioh still flourishes, Team Ninja is already planning on crafting a new IP for the next generation

Nioh just hit three million shipped and sold

So, Nioh is still doing quite well for itself.

The fact that it exists on a platform that’s selling 100 million and change helps, but it also benefits from great word of mouth. In short, Nioh is a return to form for Team Ninja and a modern action classic: people are going to be flocking to it for years to come.

Publisher Koei Tecmo backed up this notion with raw numbers this past weekend, confirming on the game’s official Twitter account that it just hit three million copies shipped and sold digitally worldwide: the news, coincidentally, dropped right around the third anniversary of the game’s release.

In addition to a sequel, it seems like Team Ninja is doing to keep that momentum going throughout the new generation, but not just with a potential Nioh follow-up. Speaking to Eurogamer, Team Ninja boss Yosuke Hayashi stated outright that he wants to create a new IP specifically for the PlayStation 5. Nioh is mentioned in that same breath, as Hayashi wants to create something in that same vein (in terms of impact) for the upcoming hardware.

I’m all in for the Team Ninjanaissance.

Nioh [Eurogamer via Gematsu]

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