As if you needed more convincing about Ghostrunner, it’s getting free next-gen upgrades

Slicing and dicing its way into your heart

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There are two highly-anticipated cyberpunk games launching within the next month, one of them much much much much muuuuuccccchhhhh more highly-anticipated than the other. While everyone in the world is waiting for Cyberpunk 2077, a lot of people will pass the time with Ghostrunner.

If you need a refresher, Ghostrunner is the futuristic, first-person, parkour-oriented, one-hit-kill melee action game. There was a demo earlier this year, and it was absolutely electric. Ghostrunner was one of the many entrants in the Digital Dragons Indie Celebration showcase that I was a judge for. It ended up winning the top prize.

If you haven’t been swayed yet, here’s a little more in Ghostrunner‘s favor. It’s getting free next-gen upgrades in 2021. On Xbox, Ghostrunner will be part of Microsoft’s Smart Delivery program, meaning players on Xbox Series S/X will automatically get that version on their new consoles. (Here’s the up-to-date full list of Smart Delivery games.) PlayStation doesn’t have a similar program, so anyone who buys the game on PS4 will just be able to download the enhanced version on PS5 for free.

Anyway, if you’re a little skittish on Ghostrunner simply because we’re so close to next-gen, know that it’s moving into the future with you. That’s, uh, super fitting, I guess.

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