As expected, Monsters vs. Aliens trailer has monsters, also aliens

As CES this year, I had a chance to see the trailer for Dreamwork’s upcoming film Monsters vs. Aliens … in 3D. You see, everything at CES had to be in 3D, be it films or — in some cases — videogames. 

The trailer for Monsters vs. Aliens: The Video Game, which Activision will be publishing later this year, is not in 3D. Therefore, there’s no way it could possibly compare to my earlier Monsters vs. Aliens experience. But it does look decent in a “this game is made for my little-sibling or my kid” kind of way. 

To spice things up, I wish I could tell you John Carmack is working on the game engine, or that Ken Levine re-wrote the story to game adaptation, but I can’t. The developer of the game’s console console versions, Beenox, is previously responsible for a slew of PC and Mac ports. Also, they did the Bee Movie Game.

Monsters vs. Aliens: The Video Game comes out this March.

Nick Chester