Artist makes LEGO Diablo II figures

I had a great idea while on the toilet the other afternoon: what if the Kindle let me subscribe to and surf Internet blogs? I’ve learned since that Amazon stole my idea before I even thought of it. Chocking it up to corporate time-travel, I was surprised to see my other great idea this week was nabbed as well: LEGO Diablo II figures.

LEGO artist “Dunechaser” has recreated the classes of Blizzard’s click-happy RPG with LEGO people, right down to the weapons. A small sample is available above, but the artist’s flickr account holds the rest if you’re interested. I would totally look, but I’m too busy researching how to time travel before time travel existed. Yeah, I know.

“Dunechaser”‘s Flickr account [@dunechaser, via Hellforge]

Brad BradNicholson