Art Attack Friturday: Cyanide and Happiness

Cyanide and Happiness is one of the most demented, disturbing, down right offensive comic series to have every come out. So you know what that means, right? I absolutely love this series!

Sure, there’s little to no art style to it. It’s mostly just stick figures. But that’s the beauty of it! The simplicity makes the comic stand out. 

The comic started in December of 2004 and is updated daily. By the way, that’s the main reason I’m a day late with this AAF. Whenever I do these AAFs, I usually like to go through the entire archive so I can show off the best to you all. Unfortunately, for me, they have over 800 comics in the archive. I couldn’t handle going through the entire archive. Not to mention the various flash series they have too. Don’t worry though. There is no constant story, so you can start reading it today without having to ever worry about a plot. All of the punchlines are either wrapped up in one panel, a medium sized strip, or as long as needed

The main focus is usually the offensive and disturbing, but they’ve been throwing a lot of video game comics lately. Most of the gaming references I saw before my eyes started to bleed are in the gallery. Seriously, go and start reading the comic. You’ll get retardeder every time you read a strip. 


Hamza Aziz