Art Attack Friday: You

Today has unofficially become tehuberone day. Or rather Tehubertoid day. First RevAntony featured his fake game concept. Then Summa showed off the extreme Destructoid haircut. Now, here I am with Tehuberone’s Destructoid + 300 mash up. Also, we seem to really like spoof 300 trailers at Destructoid. 
Todays AAF is drifting away from the usual direction. There have been some anniversary posts we’ve been putting off. So today, it’s time to bring it all together in one place.

This video was created by Faith and mashes up  most of the fan art that has been created on Destructoid. If you see something missing in the video, then go ahead and post it in the comments.  A very special Birthday card was made by RoG over at I-Mockery. If you’ve never heard of I-Mockery, than go check them out. They always put out some great stuff. 

Next video is a little something Niero cooked up and had playing at the club where we had our 1 year party. This is great for you who missed it and even the staff that was there. Most of us were too busy dancing or blacking out to really appreciated it that night …
Lastly, I wanted to point out this trailer of an anime called Paprika. The screen shot was sent in by Jonathan Ariza and it has a very familiar someone in the background. For more coverage of this really odd and beautiful looking anime, check out the coverage on Japanator

That’s it for this AAF. Next week, someone else will be filling in for me. I’ll be back in two weeks with an actual comic series for once.  

Hamza Aziz