Art Attack Friday: Transfuse

No doubt that most of you have seen a couple of Tranfuse’s Samus Aran pictures scattered around the Internets before. The artist, Ivan “Transfuse” Flores, is easily one of the best in his field. Seriously, just look at all of the attention and detail he puts into his work! 

He is mostly famous for his Metroid drawings, but that’s not all he does! His official website, Crimson Jassic, contains a plethora of drawings. His main focus being the female body. Half naked female bodies to be more specific.  To top it all off, he does commission work too! For info, the style he uses and his rates, check out his Deviant Art.

Quick little update on two artists that have been featured in the past. First, not to take away the spotlight on Transfuse at all, but another amazing Metroid drawer that has been featured before, Torokun, has updated his gallery. Thanks to Snaileb for the heads up on that.

Also, my good friend over at Cartridge Comics is holding their first contest! They’re getting ready to celebrate their second birthday and want to give a bunch of crap away to their fans. But you have to prove to them how big of a fan you are. Are you up to the challenge?

Hamza Aziz