Art Attack Friday: Togail

Art Attack Friday is your weekly look at videogame fan art created by a talented artist.

Back in December of last year, we held a contest where we wanted you to show us your “personas.” The contest brought in a nice amount of new members including Togail, this week’s Art Attack artist.

Togail is a teacher over at Full Sail University and specializes in natural fantasy, industrial design and character design. He’s a perfectionist when it comes to his art and loves to be as detailed as possible in all of his pieces. Just check out his Shadow of the Colossus piece and see if you can spot Wander.

Togail really didn’t have any videogame related art work when he first joined Destructoid, so after I harassed him a little bit, he began work on his videogame pieces. Togail has been sharing with us his amazing art work every since and has been drawing something new almost every week now for the past few months.

So far, he’s done pieces on Final Fantasy, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Dead Space and more. More recently, he’s been drawing Nintendo related art such as Bowser’s castle, Charizard and Samus Aran. He also did the letter P for the Destructoid Children’s book project. 

Below is a collection of his work, but you can find hi-res versions of all the pieces through his Community blog. You can also buy prints of his work over on his Web site and he’s taking commissions too! 

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