Art Attack Friday: Teben-the-Every

As I was browsing through the dark corners of deviantART, I came across the above Big Boss piece and was stunned in my tracks. It had screamed of awesome and I knew that I had found my latest Art Attack featured artist, Teben-the-Every

I just can’t help but to smile as I look through Teben’s work. A lot of his work has our favorite videogame icons with giant smiles on their faces. Hell, even Akuma looks happy! Besides Big Boss right above, my favorite of Teben’s work is this extremely happy Mega Man and the Solid Snake reintegrating into society piece.  

If you like what you see and want some custom work by Teben, then hit up his deviantART as he’s taking some commissions right now on the cheap. 

[Thanks, Conrad Zimmerman!]

Hamza Aziz