Art Attack Friday special edition: The art of Dead Space

We interrupt your normal fan art focus of Art Attack Friday with this special edition focusing on official artwork from Dead Space. Below, you’ll find a nice selection of art from the upcoming survival horror game showing off some of the creatures you’ll come across, as well as a couple of environment and weapon shots. 

The alien infection will consume any suitable host, and yes, that even includes little babies. You’ll actually be able to punt little baby monsters in Dead Space, and funny enough, they’re a lot harder to take out than infected adults. 

One thing that left me really impressed with Dead Space was that there are a lot of enemy types. Usually, you’re used to the one basic form and are “treated” to a unique enemy every so often. With Dead Space, you’re always in for a mix of creatures and that really helps prevent the experience from getting stale too fast.

Check out the gallery and let us know what your favorites are! 

Hamza Aziz