Art Attack Friday: sergevirusx

This week’s Art Attack artist is sergevirusx. Now before checking out sergevirusx work on deviantART, make sure no one else is in the room. A lot of sergevirusx’s stuff is very NSFW material. 

sergevirusx’s works is all over the place. There are some fantastic retro rival pieces such as the River City Ransom and Splatterhouse pictures. Then there are the sexual pieces like the Spyro the Dragon and Rumble Roses wrestler drawings. Finally, there are the pieces that are straight tributes to Link, M. Bison and other famous videogame characters. 

The art style reminds me of standard anime show. The pieces are very colorful and slightly exaggerated compared to what the characters normally look like.

For plenty more of sergevirusx’s work check out his deviant and his Web site. serge is also taking commission work at the moment and he has his pricing list up on his dA. What did you think of this week’s artist? 

Hamza Aziz