Art Attack Friday: Scabrouspencil

Illustrator scabrouspencil (aka Kenneth) is this week’s featured artist for Art Attack Friday, fixating a bold array of linework and sturdy color on the front page. While his fuller body of work ranges between concept art and various odes to classic super heroes, as an adamant fan of the Street Fighter and Metal Gear Solid franchises, he conveniently manages to whet our appetites for some of the most anticipated games of this year.

Scabrouspencil is clearly a master at conveying bodily mass and density, demonstrated with ease by the carefully positioned action sequences in The Raining Death Match or by the robust shadows and highlights in Old Snake‘s armor. The cool palettes of color he chooses to render his work appear almost sculpturally in their manifestation, even giving Ryu facial angles of evil you’ve never seen before. Equally as impressive is the breadth of his linework, which fluctuates in style from painting to painting. While his sketches of Street Fighter characters are comically defined by bold edges, his gritty free-form ode to Sniper Wolf conveys a more worn and rough-edged feel.

Check out his gallery on DeviantArt, or head over to Imaginary Friends Studio to see the concept art and illustration studio he works with. According to his studio bio, scabrouspencil is the resident zombie expert. That’s A-Okay with me.

Finally, a big fat Happy Birthday shout out to my AAF partner in crime, CTZ!! I wish you the best and hope you get to sex all the accents you encounter down in Mexico, you loveable little Horndog, you.  

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