Art Attack Friday: Robert Kim

From time to time I will pledge my fangirlism through bouts of loopy line work and casual cross-hatching, efforts which result in what I typically consider to be mini works made entirely of win and awesome. These self-proclaimed masterpieces are then framed and lined across my night stand to remind me of the quality of my artistic mimicry, so that I may sleep soundly fully assured that I do good yobs.

That is until I come across accomplished digital artists like Robert Kim. While both of our creative machines function at the ripe and tender age of 22, Kim manages to render gaming fanwork that seems to surpass their models in color and life. With thick painterly strokes and a kinetic grasp on lighting, he manages to convey everything from a convincingly smug profile of Dudley from Street Fighter to quite possibly one of the sexiest interpretations of FF7’s Tifa that I’ve ever seen.  

Kim manages to pull off some rather kick-ass character designs himself that he casually doodles in his spare time. One look at the Samurai riding a dinosaur and you’ll understand what I’m talking about. Check out his artwork on his deviantArt gallery, and be sure to spot the few instances Destructoid-like robot love made for his signature Roboto-works.

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