Art Attack Friday: ~RDCarneiro

Chibi-faced renditions of timeless videogame icons may always be super-kawaii, but frankly the cute overload factor just isn’t enough in this day and age to distinguish one choad sized Link from the next. While sixteen year old ~RDCarneiro from Brazil could have easily trapped himself within that particular scope of fan art, his steady-handed cartooning and clever sense of humor sets him apart from his teenage colleagues.  

Sometimes portraying game characters’ lives outside the game and often combining gaming personalities for chuckle-worthy results, ~RDCarneiro’s extensive comic gallery effectively entertains through a well-versed understanding of gaming humor. Check out his full body of work on his DeviantArt gallery, and be sure to keep an eye out for him. At the tender age of sixteen, I anticipate to see some more fun stuff coming from this guy in the next couple of years.

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