Art Attack Friday: Pseudonym Jones

I know I’m not the awfully handsome fella that you are used to seeing here, but I too enjoy artwork that is based upon the games that we play. As such, I had to jump on the opportunity to fill in for him while everyone’s away at GDC. However, unlike Hamza, my tastes tend to lean toward cute, simple art with lots of eye-popping colors and slightly less boobs. That is why today, Art Attack Friday takes a look at some very simple, stylistic art from a man who calls himself Pseudonym Jones.

Pseudonym and I go way back. He is one of my biggest influences artistically, as he has always had a great style and an eye for color. Although he tends to play games a lot more than he draws them, what he does do in the vein of game character tribute art is simply unlike what most others draw. He somehow manages to pack a ton of expression and detail into every character he chooses to recreate, and never draws ’em the same way twice.

Personally, my favorite of the bunch is Mega Man trying to put the moves on Samus, but I do like all of the love he shows for his Pokemon as well. Tangrowth and Mawile are two great tastes that are even better together! As an added bonus, after letting him know that he would be featured here, he drew a couple of quick doodles just for you guys in MS Paint, including a picture of our beloved robot mascot. And yes, that is Sparkster and Dynamite Headdy.

You can see more of Pseudonym’s non-videogame related artwork at his deviantART and his Threadless profile.

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