Art Attack Friday: Petite Madame

Never have I dropped my jaw when going through the various artists I hunt down for your visual pleasure for Art Attack Friday. It’s people like this that make the journey through the infinite amount of lame fan art and the endless amount of creepy furry stuff worth the hassle. I know, I have said this a couple of times this year already, but I now have a top favorite artist. 

Her name is Petite Madame, and the Art Attack Friday spotlight proudly falls upon her today. I originally spotted Ms. Petite through GoNintendo (who found Petite through GAF) and instantly fell in love with her work. Of all the fan art tributes, would you have ever imagined this piece above of Billy Coen and a Zombie taking a wild ride on a Harley (with the Zombie wearing an AC/DC shirt, no less)? The Resident Evil tribute goes deeper into (awesome) insanity with Leon Kennedy getting a hair cut from a Verdugo, Jill Valentine playing some music with a Zombie, and Alexia Ashford dancing with a Zombie, to plenty more simply amazing pieces. 

There are also serious pieces, of course, such as the Dante pieces and one with Ada Wong showing off some skin. There are plenty more pieces you can check out on Petite’s official site or deviantART, some of which is not safe for work material.

Hamza Aziz