Art Attack Friday: NoBullet

Yes, that’s Pyramid Head riding a giant missile. Someone’s sex hole is about to get ravaged.

For some reason, as I looked upon NoBullet’s many art pieces on his deviantART, it made me think of a passionate murderer. Take an ordinary man, for example. He comes home from a hard day’s work to see the love of his life cheating on him with another man. His mind snaps and he goes into a fury, grabbing a blade and slicing away at his wife and lover. There are multiple reasons and ways to kill a person. The police would call this type of murder a crime of passion, based on the stabs and blood streaks all across the room. 

That’s what NoBullet’s art reminds me of. Instead of a knife and blood, though, he uses a pen and paint. What may look like chaos to the untrained eye is really a work of beauty to the artist and the ones who can understand the passion in NoBullet’s strokes.  

As much as I love the traditional art works of many other artists, nothing compares to “chaos art”, as I like to call it. Today’s collection is really just a fraction of NoBullet’s stuff. He has a ton more on his dA and he uses multiple styles to make his art — from online programs such as GIMP and even a Facebook app to the Nintendo DS. In fact, he has animated pieces that he made using the DS. That is some amazing skill right there.

It’s also been a while since I’ve featured an artist that actually likes to film his work as he makes it. You can catch a few speed drawings on his YouTube account. If you’re a Conan fan, you may have already seen NoBullet’s work on TV during the whole Horny Manatee craze.  

All in all, there’s some amazing stuff here, and NoBullet is one of my favorite artists of this year so far. Check out the rest of his stuff and leave him some comments, too, while you’re at it.  

[Thanks to tamz for bringing NoBullet to my attention this week. tamz, by the way, will be getting an Art Attack Friday of his own as soon as he’s ready.] 

Hamza Aziz