Art Attack Friday: Minus 8

It’s spring, everyone, and if you haven’t been floating through the fragrant scent of cherry blossoms or frolicking through the sun-soaked streets of New York City in eager anticipation of Karaoke-fest 2008 with NY Comic Con Destructoid attendees, then you’ll appreciate this week’s candy-colored assemblage of art to get your spring fever going!

This week’s Art Attack Friday artist, Minus 8, reveals a dimension of his favorite Nintendo characters where it looks like the grass is green and the girls are pretty. While it’s no uncommon feat to render videogame folks in the super kawaii chibi form, Minus 8’s unique coloring and shading techniques give the personas in his work a fresh and energized gaze. While his Simpsons interpretation of Ganondorf and Link is by far my favorite piece (and pretty damned clever to boot), his various cheek-pinchable versions of Samus and even Wario are really just too cute to miss. As a bonus, all you Peach fanatics out there will find it a treat to browse his many fan versions of the Princess as a gymnast, a tennis player, and more. Check out his work at his DeviantArt gallery, then put on your Triforce bikini and enjoy the weather! Hurry!