Art Attack Friday: Masao

This week’s featured Art Attack Friday artist is マサオ, otherwise known as Masao. Who is Masao? It’s hard to say, as his profile page has no concrete info. Plus, his self-portrait doesn’t help matters much. 

But you’re not here to Matlock! No, you’re here for amazing art, and Masao’s art is simply amazing. Where as most fan artists like to re-imagine their favorite videogame icons in a heroic manner, Masao takes cherished gaming icons and adds a giant layer of WTF to them. Seriously, just look at the above photo. What the f*ck is going on?!

Every thing about today’s collection is just so off the wall. From adult Mario, crazy Mega Mans, and sexy Capcom fighters, to much more, this week’s art is the tits. This is just a small taste of Masao’s work, as he has a ton more stuff over on his Web site ranging from sexy anime girls to scary Ronald McDonalds. Take a look at his art and let us know what you think of it!

[Thanks to DMV and Dale North for the translation help!]

Hamza Aziz