Art Attack Friday: Lost Mitten

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Ever remember the days when you would sit next to Grandma’s rocking chair and intently gaze at her needlework with the hope that she would somehow render you a plethora of Bubble Bobble and Pac Man characters made purely from thread, sweat, and prune juice? Yeah, neither do I.  

Luckily, there exists a very talented lady by the name of Lost Mitten who knows how to interweave the lost art of needlepoint with the retro sensibility of some of our most memorable games. One of the top 20 most popular sellers on the go-to gaming craft site, Lost Mitten provides the Internets with an assembly of hand made goods that range from the quintessential Tetris fridge magnets to the remarkably ambitious Super Mario Bros. needlepoint scene from World 2-1.

Sorry to all you hopeful ladies and lads but so far she’s only made custom Earthbound cases for her incredibly lucky fiance. Though perhaps with enough flattery and a few graceful 8-bit kisses, you can convince her to make something special for you too.

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