Art Attack Friday: Kamekichi

You know what my favorite kind of art is? The kind that rips apart everything you’re used to and are made by artists who were dropped on their heads into a lake of crack, meth and cocaine! So it’s only natural that the artist Kamekichi has become one of my favorites as of late. 

His latest is this assume spoof of The Warriors for gaming mag +N called The Warios. Right behind The Warios, you can see The Luigis, The Links, and most of all the big players in Nintendo land. Can you name all the gangs in the picture?

We’ve actually featured Kamekichi in the past when his Star Wars meets the Mario universe exploded onto the Internets.  

Overall, what do you all think about his art? Don’t judge just by what I’ve included here today. There is a ton at his official web site. Even his web site layout is an art piece.

[Via GameSetWatch]

Hamza Aziz