Art Attack Friday: Jab Strong Fierce

Art Attack Friday is your weekly look at videogame fan art created by a talented artist.

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Jab Strong Fierce is a Street Fighter tribute art show that’s currently open in Los Angeles until May 11. The show is presented by Nucleus and I am 8-bit and is officially supported by Capcom and Udon Entertainment.

Jab Strong Fierce opened its doors to some nice treats! There was a cosplay competition, Street Fighter IV tournament sponsored by EVO and give-aways too! Hit the jump to check out the cosplay competition videos.

The art itself is a nice mix of various styles from a ton of different artists. The gallery below has some of my favorites and you can find all the pieces over on Nucleus’ Web site. All of the pieces are on sale, but they’re far from cheap. Some pieces go for well over $2,000!

I have to say that it’s amazing how great the fan art community is when it comes to Street Fighter related pieces. It always looks so good! It’s also wonderful seeing Capcom official back this and provide some entertainment. This is something that needs to happen more often.

[Via GameSetWatch, Capcom-Unity, and Things to do in LA]
Chun-Li battle

Cammy shows off that ass.

Little video overview of the show.

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