Art Attack Friday: It’s a cross-stitch cornucopia!

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Today’s AAF features not one but four artists, all of whom share the delight of re-rendering classic gaming motifs of the 8-bit variety by applying the lost kitsch tradition of cross-stitching. Time consuming and intricate, cross-stitching may seem like one of the more challenging mediums for pixel art when compared to the likes of perler beads and the household Microsoft Paint, but the difference is inherently demonstrated in the dedication of their craft.

Through the fruits of their labor, these pieces summon the aura of the nostalgic, the heroic, and the sentimental through mere stitches alone. AnnDeeScraps’ peeking Prince from Katamari Damacy captures the precious candidness of an old friend, while Cross-stitch ninja remembers a paused battle of Space Invaders. Meanwhile, Salvajada impresses with his ambitiously detailed pieces most admirably demonstrated by his Mike Tyson’s Punch-out!! piece, and kidmissle playfully flirts with the proverbial stitch in clever reinterpretations such as Make Love not Wor and the Pacman love, all flavors piece above.

Check out the handiwork in the gallery or visit their flickr accounts and pay your compliments to the artists yourselves!

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