Art Attack Friday: Hushgush


This week, I wanted to be bias and show off the work of one of our own. It makes sense to show off Topher -Hushgush- Cantler work seeing as how he’s Destructoids Art Director and all. I don’t want to divulge on too much but expect a lot of great things to come in the future from Hushgush. 

Until then, check out the interview I conducted with him and check out his drawings here and on his Deviant ART.

CTZ: So what brought you to the robot and made you want to become our crayon b**ch?

Hushgush: The same shining beacon of awesome that brings everyone else to Dtoid, I suppose. I’d been a fan of the site for a long time, and it got to the point where I loved it so much I wanted to contribute something. All I really had to offer was to draw, since the writing staff was full at the time. I emailed Niero and asked if he’d be interested in running a weekly webcomic, and it all snowballed from there.

CTZ: Now everyone on the staff wants your balls. Hell, even Brutal has date raped you a couple of times. 
So, how’s that web comic coming along?

Hg: LOL. You know the answer to that question.

CTZ: Yes, but elaborate for our fine sexy readers.

Hg: OK, but only because they are so sexy. Things have been really busy lately and we’ve been focusing most of our attention on other projects. Well, you and I have, anyway. I don’t know what everybody else’s excuse is.

CTZ: Everybody else that wanted to contribute is fired. Except, Niero of course. (Want to get in on the Dtoid Comic project? Email me).

Hg: Yes, everyone but Lauren, because I just hired her. She hasn’t had time to be lazy yet.

CTZ: When will we see the next Hushgush master piece?

Hg:  As soon as I can find the time. I’d love to do another one of those.

CTZ: Can you give us a hint on some of the other projects you’ve been working on?

Hg: Um … I might have to pull a Ron Workman on that question. I’ve been doing some new T-shirts and stickers, I can tell you that much. The rest is still secret stuff. Spooky. Also, I’ve been doing some silly pics now and then for people’s posts. That’s a lot of fun for me.

CTZ: Yeah, and by people, you mean the guy who buys you drinks and anyone with a vagina. I see how it is.

Hg: Not everyone with a vagina, just Colette. Unless you have a vagina. You haven’t asked me to do anything, though.

CTZ: Touché. So what’s your avatar all about?

Hg: The puppy is a character from a comic book series I was working on a couple years ago. He was based on my real dog, who we dressed up in a bee suit and took a picture of one Halloween. I used that photo as my avatar for a while and I thought it would be cooler if I drew it in the style of my old comic and used that instead.

CTZ: Oh, good to know. Here I thought you had some sick fantasy where you like to see what happens when different animals mated.

How would you describe your art style?

Hg: Cute but kinda disturbing. Like rusty blades carving bunnies out of Play-Doh.

CTZ: Tight. So it’s safe to say that Destructoid is the best job you’ve ever had, huh?

HG: I love it. It’s Ontinental.

Don’t forget kids, Hushy also has a MySpace that he’d love for you all to defame. Also, know of any artist (weather they do comics, paintings, drawings, etc) that would be perfect for Art Attack Friday? Then please drop me a message. Hey, even if it’s you that wants some attention, send me an email. Destructoid is all about the community after all. 

Hamza Aziz