Art Attack Friday: GU Comics

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Oh joy! A comic has made it on Art Attack Friday again! These are far and few between, sadly. This week, AAF is highlighting Woody Hearn’s GU Comics. GU Comic started in July 10th, 2000 and has produced over 1500 strips in the nearly eight years it has been around. Luckily, GU doesn’t have some long story line you have to follow as the comics are usually stand-alone.

GU Comic is updated usually five times a week and the strips are focused on hot videogame news, industry bullshit and MMO stuff that almost always fly right over my head. The comic is a mix of hand drawn and Photoshop. All of the strips are just one panel long and that’s enough to get the jokes across

The comic often times follows Woody and his fictional roommate, Ted, as they deal with the videogame world. There are a few other recurring characters like Martin, the black friend, Iggy McStickson, a filler character used when Woody can’t dedicate time to the comic and says poopy a lot, and Santa Claus.

For as long as GU has been around, it’s surprising to see that they aren’t talked about more. It’s a great comic that’s definitely worth keeping up with daily.  

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