Art Attack Friday: GaryStorkamp

Welcome to our weekly look at a talented artist that you will love to admire yet secretly hate because of your own lack of artistic skills. This week, we take a look at GaryStorkamp on the Attack of Arts on Fridays.

The first thing you might notice right off the bat with GaryStorkamp’s art work is that it’s like nothing that has been featured yet on AAF. I just love the very unique take Gary has on some of these classic characters. The Koopa Kids don’t get much attention anymore. Who knows if they’ll ever make a comeback again, but these pieces on Wendy and Ludwig von Koopa are simply amazing.

Checking out Gary’s deviantART account and his own site, you may notice that a lot of the pieces are filled with anger at first glance. But dig deeper and you’ll come across a few lighthearted pieces, such as Cloud as a cloud. Best of all is what Kirby would look like if he were to take Snoop Dogg’s powers. Or, what Snoop Dogg and Kirby’s love child would look like. Either way, Snoop Kirby drops it like it’s hot.

Oh, and you just know I had to include the shark picture. SHARKS IN SPACE!!! What did you think of this week’s Attack of Arts on Friday’s artist?

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