Art Attack Friday: DW3Girl

Art Attack Friday is your weekly look at videogame fan art created by a talented artist.

Art Attack Friday is all about DW3Girl today. DW3Girl’s art shows that she really loves two things when it comes to drawing: Dynasty Warriors and beefcake. Lots and lots of beefcake. In fact, all this beefcakeness should make up for all the times that tits ‘n ass pictures have been featured on Art Attack. DW3Girl likes drawing the lovely ladies as well so there’s something for everyone here. 

I’m really digging the Ada, Rinoa, Taki and Vergil pieces from DW3Girl. The attention to detail on her Dynasty Warrior images are especially very good. 

For more of DW3Girl’s artwork, check out her deviantART and her Web site

Hamza Aziz