Art Attack Friday: Coelasquid

After countless fan illustrations of over-sexed game heroines and perversive portrayals of beloved game plumbers, I find myself thoroughly enjoying cartoonist Coelasquid’s work because of her matter-of-fact understanding that sometimes serious games really aren’t all that cereal. Through pieces that shine effortlessly with personality, Coelasquid has an impressive gallery of work which tickles the funny bone in a wide range of nerd humor.

If there is one thing to take away from her drawings, it would be her uncanny ability to render some of the most obscure (and frankly overlooked) game character expressions ever conceived. Take the mid-punch slack jaw pose between Captain Falcon and Ganondorf in the above scene or the large collection of hilariously depicted and corporeally awkward ‘Pokeymens‘. Why even the infamous Pyramid Head is exposed in an unforeseen intimate moment as he snacks on a banana alone on the side of the street.

Check out the gallery and observe as Coelasquid flexes her gamer cred and her artistic wit along with an undeniably saucesome Chain Chomp hat. Not enough for you? Additional illustrations of Megabyte and Duke of Zill pin-ups can be conveniently seen on her DeviantArt page or on her personal blog.

Oh and hai!  Since I happen to know a thing or two about the arts, the farts, and the crafts, from now on I’ll be giving CTZ a helping hand on Art Attack Fridays. Which means that Art Attack Friday will now be a weekly feature again! Hope you enjoyed the post! It’s my first time.