Art Attack Friday: chilin

Behold the work of chilin and his take on our beloved iconic characters from the videogame world. chilin’s style is very distinct and what’s impressive is all of the different types of style chilin uses to make his works of art. Some of the Street Fighter heads shot are done with his mighty Wacom while others are done in Photoshop with a mix of other programs. Better yet is this lovely piece of Morrigan done with the age old technique of water coloring. 

It’s interesting to me that so many artists always using fighting characters as their main pieces like chilin has with fighters from the Street Fighter and King of Fighter worlds. So it’s always refreshing to see stuff you rarely see in fan art recreations like the Chrono Trigger fanart in the gallery below. There’s also a fantastic piece of Link and Ganondorf battling it out in their eternal struggle of good vs evil. 

All in all, mighty impressive stuff. There are plenty more art works of Chilins which you can check out on his deviantART. What do you think of this weeks AAF artist?



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