Art Attack Friday: Bonus-kun

Once again, it is time for Art Attack Friday, or AAF for short. This week, the spotlight of awesome has fallen upon Bonus-kun, so named after the famous Bonus Kun from Waku Waku 7 (and you may have noticed the punching bag as you explore past stories on Dtoid too).  

Aside from the Bonus Kun loving, Bonus-kun seems to be a giant Nintendo fan. For starters, just look at the above piece with the major Nintendo characters going all-out. There’s so much detail all over this such as Bowser crushing Pichu and Ganondorf about to Warlock Punch Toad and Peach. Then there’s the Earthbound love, with the teenage look of Ness and crew plus the animated gifs. 

My favorite is easily the Wario meeting The Shining piece. Wario always looks like a psycho, so he’s just a perfect fit here. The zombie getting shot, based off of the House of the Dead games, is also another of my favorites of this week’s batch. Which did you like? Be sure to check out Bonus-kun’s deviantART for a few more pieces.  

Hamza Aziz