Art Attack Friday: billybob884

No self-respecting soon-to-be-released game sequel can step into the public spotlight without a proper papercraft to steadily guide it’s bashful hand ahead. And so from the right wing enters the Master Chief papercraft by 3D-modeler billybob884. By adjusting the original Halo Master Chief model to make the figure more ‘build-able’, billybob884 has created a figure so outrageously multi-faceted that determined crafters will really have to ‘Finish the Fold’ with this guy. Er. Ack. Sorry for that one.

Unaccountably cheesy wordplay aside, billybob844’s papercraft repertoire displays a rather obscure cast of characters including Money Wad from Conker’s Bad Fur Day, the Rez avatar, and even the (dare I say) retro Nintendo 64 logo. As I writhe my clumsy glue-stuck fingers over hundreds of Flying Toaster paper-crafts in attempt to create a private Mac classic fantasy all for myself, feel free to download billobob844’s paper creations from his DeviantArt page to guarantee those idle hands a few well-deserved paper cuts.

[Via BoingBoing and Monsieur Scott]