Art Attack Friday: Atomictoy

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It’s certain that the most creatively designed games have a tendency to lovingly burn their image deep into our play experience. In some instances it’s a stunning scene in an FMV that will override our memory, while in other cases it’s the mere moment to moment gesture or presence of a single character that overwhelms us. While some of us may find simple satisfaction in the consumption of these quiet artistic moments, artist Atomictoy assigns a personal integrity to his work that resonates with distinct style, simplicity, and atmosphere.

Keen on selective palettes, Atomictoy extracts the quintessential colors that define each game to highlight their particular aura of play. Salmon shades of orange and pea soup green captivate a world that Prince happily rolls his Katamari within, while shadowy muted browns paired alongside a heroic red immediately defines the adventure found in Ico. In addition to his whimsically constructed illustrations he occasionally twists an ounce of humor in his drawings, allotting him a well-rounded body of work that pivots between the playful and the nostaligic. Check out more of his artwork at his website and give him props in the comments so that he’s sure to keep up with his great fan art.

[Thanks be to Monsieur Gh05T R1d3R for the tip!]

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