Art and history of Rockstar collected in three volumes

Rockstar Games has a long and distinctive history, filled with some of the most controversial and popular games of the last decade. If you want to know more about it, the company seems happy to oblige by compiling this set of three volumes filled with art, product shots, wireframes and more ranging from Grand Theft Auto all the way to Red Dead Redemption. There’s even a DVD with still more content beyond the collection’s 544 pages. And it looks classy as hell.

It had better. The MSRP for this trio is a whopping £310 ($450). I love books and I love Rockstar but that’s way above what I’d be willing to pay for such a set. Amazon UK has a much more reasonable price, more in line with what I would expect, but I think I’m going to pass on this one regardless.

They look pretty and I’m sure they’re just as lovely on the inside. Way too much for something that I’m likely to leaf through a few times. Does this sort of product appeal to your interests?

Triple-volume £300 book offers glimpse into Rockstar Games [Develop via Kotaku]

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