Army of Two dudes still mixing it up with real people

Salem and Rios doesn’t want EA Montreal to have nice things. In the above, the two digital stars of Army of Two: the 40th Day can be seen wrecking their creator’s office with a particularly high-powered and precise weapon. We’re not exactly sure what their beef is, but we’re guessing it has something to do with the reduction of fist-bumping animations in the upcoming and toned down follow-up to Army of Two.

Speaking of office trashing, this isn’t the first video EA Montreal has published with the two digital bros messing with real people. In early August, we watched the two mingle with office staff, drink coffee, and bust up a copy machine. The vid gave us a few chuckles, and more importantly, an early look at the game’s tech. Hip stuff.

Interested in Army of Two: the 40th Day now? Check out this literature, bro.

Brad BradNicholson