ARMS producer talks about upcoming update, confirms Hedlok mode

Is it a punch or a headbutt if the mask hits you?

Speaking with Eurogamer, ARMS producer Kosuke Yabuki discussed more details about the upcoming update, due for release on July 12. In addition to the new character Max Brass, he confirmed that there would be a mode centered around Hedlok, as the official Twitter account had previously teased.

The new mode will also join the new records feature as side attractions to the main attraction of Max Brass.

The new mode will be a fight between players as they battle for ownership of a Hedlok mask. Whoever obtains the mask will turn into Hedlok, and it will be up to the other players to take him down. However, the producer left out that there is a time limit to how long the transformation lasts, as the ARMS Twitter account was demonstrating in its teasers as seen below.

The new mode will be available in one on one versus modes, as well as every multiplayer mode, including online. In addition, the update will be introducing balance tweaks. Yabuki would not go into detail with Eurogamer, however he confirmed that, unlike Super Smash Bros, a full change-log would be published along the update.  He did mention that he wished to see an environment where a certain technique or a character with a specific set of ARMS isn’t too dominant.

While I’m not too excited about Max Brass, I am excited to try out that Hedlok mode. Now if only I could have some further customization over the rules for the modes already in the game, as well as a traditional 2 versus 2 mode without the damn rope. It’s an absolute buzzkill.

Arms’ new mode lets you play as an even tougher enemy than Max Brass [Eurogamer]

Mike Sounders