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Here’s how to gain control of your destiny in Armored Core 6

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As you’d expect from a game by FromSoftware, the story of Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon features multiple possible outcomes. Regardless of how well you have the game mechanics down, you may get a less-than-stellar ending because the culmination of your tale comes down to your in-game decisions. Here’s how to get each of the game’s three different endings.

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Fires of Raven Ending

Armored Core 6 has fewer endings than Elden Ring, so there’s no space for anything as specific as an ending where we smear the entire world with poop and replace the oxygen with farts. Still, there’s this pretty bad ending called Fires of Raven. The worst part of it all is that it’s pretty easy to get.

To get this ending, simply pick:

Chapter 3 – Mission 22: Destroy the Special Forces Craft

Chapter 4 – Mission 32: Ambush the Vespers

And lastly, Chapter 5 – Mission 37: Intercept the Corporate Forces.

Be careful, because you can get this intentionally unsatisfying ending on any playthrough.

Liberator Of Rubicon Ending in Armored Core 6
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Liberator of Rubicon Ending

To get the good ending on your first playthrough, you just need to make three simple choices. There are no complex Souls shenanigans at play here.

In Chapter 3, you’ll have to pick Mission 21: Eliminate the Enforcement Squads.

In Chapter 4, you’ll have to pick Mission 31: Intercept the Redguns.

Lastly, in Chapter 5, you’ll have to pick Mission 38: Eliminate “Cinder” Carla — this is the opposite of picking Intercept Corporate Forces.

If you’re not on your first playthrough, however, you’ll have to take a few extra steps to get the good ending.

In Chapter 1, Mission 6: Attack the Dam Complex, choose Refuse

In Chapter 3, just finish Mission 19: Prevent Corporate Salvage of New Tech

Armored Core 6's True ending
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Alea Lacta Est Ending

The game’s “real” ending, whose name is Latin for “The Dice Is Cast”, is naturally the toughest one to get. First off, there’s no way you can get it on your first playthrough — or even on the second. You can only get the Alea Lacta Est ending after having beaten the game twice. Unlocking this ending might prove challenging, as it requires players to make a bunch of correct decisions, some of which only pop up on New Game++.

These are your main objectives:

In Chapter 1, Mission 6: Attack the Dam Complex, choose Accept.

In Chapter 3, pick Mission 19: Prevent Corporate Salvage of New Tech

Lastly, In Chapter 4, pick Mission 26-B: Coral Export Denial

And lastly, in Chapter 4, Choose Mission 33-B: Eliminate V-III

And that’ll show you how it all ends — or at least until the sequel comes.

You can now uncover all the endings for Armored Core 6: Fires Of Rubicon on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S

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