Armored Core 3 Portable now on PSN

You wanted your Armored Core action, and now you’re getting it. See? Taking foreign titles and making them sell-able here is quite easy when you go the digital route.

As of October 22nd, Armored Core 3 Portable will be available for download on the PlayStation Network. They’ve stuck a very fair price of $14.99 on the title. There’s over 50 missions to play and 200 parts to fudge with, and then you can take the whole thing and play other people through PS3’s Ad Hoc Party.  There’s also 4-player local battling, but you probably already knew that.

Hey, Japan. Anytime you want to send anything else over via digital download, feel free. Don’t put so much work into translation and localization either. Subtitles will do fine. 

Bonus: Three screenshots in our gallery below.

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