ARK’s newest experience foregoes survival for a Jurassic Park petting zoo

Hey carnivore, you want my meat, I know it

Dinosaurs seem like they can be a ferocious lot, all teeth and claws and roars. We have the luxury of not really having to prevent them from, you know, killing us. If dinosaurs start roaming the earth again, we probably have to worry about dinosaurs but we also have to worry about something even more important that caused them to come back. Our attention, for the time being, is better focused on more plausible concerns.

But, we can still share a digital space with dinosaurs. People have been doing that for a year-and-a-half now in ARK: Survival Evolved. A new experience takes the danger out of those up-close encounters.

ARK Park is a Jurassic Park-esque virtual reality petting zoo. It’s coming to Oculus Rift, Vive, and PlayStation VR sometime in 2017. ARK Park is being developed by Snail Games with ARK-proper developer Studio Wildcard acting as a creative consultant.

Check out the above-embedded trailer for a glimpse at exactly what ARK Park is going to be; check out the below-embedded video for what I think about every single time news about ARK pops up.

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