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Arknights: Enfield release window, platforms, trailer, and more

All you'll need to know.

Few premium free-to-play games stir up as much excitement as Arknights and Arknights: Endfield promises to innovate upon it in every way.

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The premium free-to-play game space is getting pretty crowded. Genshin Impact, Tower of Fantasy, and Honkai: Star Rail are already vying for the same players, and there are so many new games like Wuthering Waves on the horizon. That’s why if a game wants to succeed, it needs to be different. Out of all the upcoming games in this genre I’ve seen, very few compare to Arknights: Endfield in gameplay scope and how unique it is as a whole package.

When is the release date for Arknights: Endfield?

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At the time of writing, there’s no firm release date for Arknights: Endfield. Some fans believe it will be 2024, but we’ve found little in the way of evidence to suggest this. We do know that the game’s last technical Test ended in early 2024, indicating that it’s at least ready to be improved using player feedback.

As soon as we hear more about a release date, we’ll update this section of the article.

What platforms is Arknights: Endfield launching on?

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Arknights: Endfield will be released for iOS and Android mobile devices as well as PC and PS5. At the time of writing, developer Hypergryph hasn’t confirmed if all versions will be released simultaneously. I’d love it if this were the case because I want to get to work on the game’s trophies as quickly as possible.

Is Arknights: Endfield a sequel to Arknights?

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Arknights: Endfield is a spin-off of the popular Arknights game. It leans into collecting characters for combat while focusing on connecting entire regions of the world using base-building and tower-defense mechanics. The nature of this being a spin-off means it shouldn’t get in the way of Arknights for seasoned players. I’ll just be a nice distraction now and then.

Is Arknights: Endfield free?

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Yes, Arknights: Endfield will be a free-to-play game. This means you can get it for free and play without spending a penny. If, however, you want to pick up the best new characters and progress as fast as possible, you’ll need to buy some premium currency to get involved with the gacha mechanic and pull with every new banner that’s released.

Is Arknights: Endfield a gacha game?

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Yes, there’s a gacha system in Arknights: Endfield. Players can invest money if they want to pull for a chance at earning the latest characters in the banner. However, previews state that the game is refreshing and doing something totally different, which means it’s not a standard gacha title.

I’m quite excited about any game that won’t charge me through the roof for being part of its world, and this one is so much more than that. It’s got an intricate system based around building and connecting structures, making it feel like Satisfactory more than anything else.

All Arknights: Endfield trailers

Below, I’ve listed every trailer for Arknights: Endfield we’ve seen. The oldest is towards the bottom, while the latest trailer is right here at the top, so you can’t miss it.

The Technical Test trailer was released ahead of the game’s closed beta technical test. It’s a cinematic video that looks great but doesn’t tell you much about the game.

The Talos-II Awakening trailer is another cinematic that focuses on the game’s story.

The first teaser trailer is actually pretty long and even includes glimpses of gameplay.

The second gameplay trailer is my favorite because it goes into depth regarding how you’ll play moment-to-moment.

The first gameplay demo for Arknights: Endfield is brilliant, revealing what you’ll be doing when you finally get your hands on it.

The CG trailer sets the tone but doesn’t dive into gameplay specifics.

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