Arkham Knight’s Photo Mode is good fun

Brooding selfies galore

“Come to this gargoyle in the next 15 minutes if u want an ass kicking.”

I stopped playing Batman: Arkham Knight at 96 percent completion, Riddler challenges be damned, but today’s update got me to pop the disc back in to mess around with the new Photo Mode. I’m easy like that. After applying the patch, you can access the mode by pausing the game.

You’re able to freely move the camera within a certain distance of Batman, and there are several options to toy around with including depth of field, exposure, and filters. Not bad at all.

Unlike me, you can disable the logo for your shots. I was too distracted by the options to move it around to different corners (and make it larger, for some reason) to notice initially.

I maintain that more games (all games?) should have photo-taking tools.

Jordan Devore
Jordan is a founding member of Destructoid and poster of seemingly random pictures. They are anything but random.