Arkham Knight is still broken on PC for many people

Good ol’ Warner Bros…

Four months after its half-arsed and broken PC port, Batman: Arkham Knight has finally been opened up for sale again on Steam. Except there are still major problems with the game. Because of bloody course there are.

In its patch notes released yesterday to coincide with the game coming back, Warner Bros. has admitted a whole array of bugs.

Hard drive paging issues that require you to restart the game on Windows 7 after playing for a period of time, lack of SLI/Crossfire support for machines with multiple GPUs, and Windows 10 machines requiring 12GB of RAM to have a “smoother gameplay experience” are all fun things players who’ve been sticking with the game in the hopes of a decent fix can look forward to.

And those are only the problems Warner Bros. has admitted. Looking through reddit and the game’s Steam forums, plenty of people are reporting that the game won’t start for them, stuttering cutscenes, and for some either the same or worse performance than before the game was pulled from sale.

So take this as a word of warning: Arkham Knight looks like it is far from being fixed. Also worth pointing out that now Warner Bros. is recommending 12GB RAM for Windows 10. The recommended requirements on the Steam page (y’know, the bit people usually read when buying games) is wrong. Proceed with caution, or wait for a hefty sale if you’re desperate for it.

Joe Parlock