Arkham Asylum ships 2.5 million bat-copies

What happens when a licensed game doesn’t have to be finished in time for the release of whatever major product its promoting? Good things happen! Including but not limited to Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Earlier this month we heard that the game had sold 2 million units, and with all of these new copies now shipped and out on the market, I’m betting it will be sooner than later before we hear how Arkham Asylum has reached 2.5 million sold.

Obviously the game has been successful financially, but even the critics have had good things to say about it too. Personally, it’s one of my favorite games to come out this year, and probably the only stealth game I’ve ever enjoyed. So, Rocksteady, how about that potential sequel you were talking about?

The question is, which villains would you like to see next? Plenty of good ones were touched upon through unlockable character profiles in Arkham Asylum. I think Clayface would be a must for me, and possibly even Man-Bat, assuming a sequel would branch outside of the asylum.

Jordan Devore
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