Arkane uses gross red eyes to tease Prey DLC

This seems set for E3

It’s Prey Day, and you shouldn’t feel bad if you weren’t aware. That’s because it’s seemingly the first ever Prey Day, as it’s an occasion that Bethesda now celebrates because March 15, 2032 is when Morgan Yu woke up at the very beginning of Prey. (For what it’s worth, Prey released on May 5 last year.) Bethesda’s using the faux-holiday to tease what seems to be an upcoming add-on.

The Arkane Twitter account posted this picture today, which shows the studio’s staff with gross red Prey eyes:

Friendly optometry warning aside, there might be a lot to unpack here. The most obvious hint is the reference toward June 10, 2018. That’s the date of Bethesda’s E3 press conference. It’s highly probable that’s when we learn exactly what this DLC will be. Or, for the more optimistic folks, maybe that’s when the add-on will get a sudden release during the presser. The other notable clue has to do with the moon, which is very possibly the setting.

We’ve known about this add-on since last July, but Bethesda has said remarkably little about it until now. Really, given how far we are from E3, it’s only this newly-invented holiday that’s cause for breaking the silence. We’re probably going to have to play the waiting game for a few more months. That should give the Arkane staff plenty of time to take some advice from Ben Stein.

@ArkaneStudios [Twitter]

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